How Diversity and Inclusion Can Fuel Innovation

How Diversity and Inclusion Can Fuel Innovation

A smooth running of the perfect shade on her lips and a tinge of sunshine on her cheeks, eyeliner winged to envious heights, hair on point- entwined with a sense of pride and an outfit that roars of her voluminous abilities – that strong, beautiful, black-white-brown-yellow woman is ready for the battleground!

Cutting through the emotional boundaries that had restricted her to the darkness behind her veil for years unknown, that black-white-brown-yellow beauty has swung the unbending sword of her heart and bared her face to welcome the scorching heat of the day! Now she also finds time to glue her face before the computer, the camera, the blackboard and even the motor in the cockpit of her jet. You name it, and she’ll leap up on her toes!
InSync gladly, proudly and overwhelmingly celebrates its women – its Wonder Women – today & tomorrow!

So as the world celebrates the International Women’s Day, InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd. gives a shout out to its Wonder Women, who have emerged from different roots and clustered together to contribute immensely to the healthy green canopy that shades this institute of innovations, every day of the year. Having said that, it will be appropriate to remark that InSync heavily indulges in the concept of Diversity and Inclusion in the corporate environment and has only witnessed blooming results!


Diversity & Inclusion – A Business Strategy

Diversity & Inclusion is more of a Business Strategy rather than an HR initiative. Embracing a diverse workforce has emerged as a top priority for businesses. With the advent of the Millennials, cultural evolution, emerging markets, and advancing technology have all played and will continue to play a major role in creating an increasingly complex corporate ecosystem that both breaks down old and creates new barriers to recruiting, developing, and retaining talent.

In today’s tight talent market, companies must expand their reach to attract the best available.

At InSync, we had 7 female employees in the year 2016. Standing in 2019, InSync boasts of 25 female employees who constitute an impactful 28% of our workforce. The journey has been that of incorporating rather than accommodating.


Does it work?  The numbers tell the story.

Let us travel back in time, the time it all begun!

When we are at home, “She“ is an integral part. When we do business, why is “She” not??? (Referring to The Sound Of Music)

We started with the job advertisements and consciously made an effort to combat gender bias within the ads in order to subliminally encourage female talent. We were conscious not to let any “unconscious bias” in our recruitment process that could lead to accidental discrimination against women. We were looking for the right talent for our organisation and it did not bother us whether the candidate was in trousers or skirts, as long as the fitment was apt.

After having onboard the fleet of beauties, we worked towards making our company policies flexible to accommodate the pressures of a working lady, a mother, a daughter and a wife. Belonging to the still patriarchal society that we are, we made space for our Wonder Women to make the best of both Worlds and till date we have not been disappointed by any of them. It is true that companies are wary of providing such flexibilities to its employees, however, we have always focussed on the Humane aspect before taking any decision and have not regretted yet.

The Advantages of Having Female Bandwagon:

In the tense atmosphere of the corporate room, a feminine touch offers empathy. Women are considered highly emotional beings and are often stereotyped as unfit for cracking tough business deals, but there lies the catch! A woman’s emotional intelligence helps her not only build a business, but also relationships that help her in binding her colleagues together towards the mutual goal. Her sensitivity allows her to understand her colleagues and empathise with their personal situations. This makes a woman a perfect leader – one who doesn’t just command, but one who guides and gives her back when you need. Also, in the highly male-dominated atmosphere where perspectives can often get channelled into narrow lanes of tradition and monotony, a woman offers diverse avenues and incorporates fresh ideas in corporate approaches. She adds an EQ to the IQ!

Let’s go to a typical Indian home! See the manager?

Yes, see Mom. How is it that we can’t find the stuff that we kept just last night but She knows! How does She exactly know the who-what-where-how for every problem and wraps the mess up even before we see it? Armed with multiple household weapons for so many decades down the line of human evolution, the female human has evolved as a multitasker – able to render equal amount of attention and labour to a never-ending queue of jobs, whether at home or in her cubicle.

The female genes are constructed with patterns of a sense of responsibility, intuition and compassion and hence they tend to appropriately understand and analyse opportunities and threats.

Women are usually mentally more powerful than men, less aggressive, can endure and tolerate more than men can. In the corporate ecosystem where team spirit and cooperation fair better than personal morals and choices, these feminine attributes score a perfect 6!


She understands the importance of encouraging her team-mates and boosting their morals, such that each one in the team feels equally important for the enterprise. What better way to increase individual productivity and overall profit?!

So here’s a food for thought for the leaderships of companies! Please give a thought to the practice of Diversity and Inclusion in your companies, if you haven’t yet, and see your business expand to limits not known, with this unputdownable pool of talent in your treasury!
With this vision, this International Women’s Day, InSync celebrates the superpowers of its Wonder Women, who commit themselves to the mission of innovation and impart those colours to the company which is rightly known for being the most vibrant corporate of Kolkata!


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