Demystifying the opportunities for MBA’s in IT industry

What is it an employer finds inside anyone who comes for an interview? Why is unemployment in India posing a serious threat to the society? Is it due to lack of jobs or there are jobs but no right person to take them? Mr. Atul Gupta, the founder and CEO of InSync believes that Unemploybility is a bigger problem than Unemployment. He believes that there are plenty of jobs out there but very few people who can fit into them due to the lack of specific skill sets, awareness and the right attitude.

Atul Gupta and Devendra Singh (COO of InSync Solutions Ltd.) have taken the initiative to bridge the gap between the IT industry and the Education sector. In an industry conclave in Heritage Business School, Kolkata, held on 22nd August 2014, the InSync leadership team conducted a workshop with the fresh MBA students. They gave a complete overview of the IT industry, the job roles that are available here.

They specified on how an MBA can fit into these job roles. The InSync team also cleared the myth that one can have a better career in a big IT service company than in a small product company and by “small” we mean small in the numbers of employees in the company (but not revenue) here.

Atul and Devendra also talked about the new positions which are currently emerging in the IT industry like Digital Marketing which includes Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and PR etc. They also talked about how these IT companies get clients and how MBAs can fit into the workflow.

For the students there were many take-away in the session, one of them was a clear idea of how an MBA can contribute to the IT industry. The students were given some links of how they can join internships in these IT companies and have an industry exposure.

Here is the presentation we delivered:


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