Consumer Psychology and the E-Commerce Checkout

With unprecedented numbers of retail customers shopping online, how much do we really know about what motivates and dictates their purchasing behaviour?

There are many factors throughout the purchase process that influence both positively and negatively upon a customer completing a transaction.

Research shows that a customer decides whether to purchase a product or not within 90 seconds, and is more likely to commit to purchase if there is ample and easily digested information like product videos and customer testimonials.

At a whopping 67.4%, shopping cart abandonment is an issue facing all e-commerce retailers, and customers are more likely to forfeit a transaction if there are hidden charges, compulsory registration, too many checkout steps or unclear instructions.

Discounting is also a huge factor in sealing the deal, with 57% of customers who purchased items using a coupon code claiming they would not have completed the sale at full price.

Consumer Psychology and ECommerce Checkouts Infographic

Consumer Psychology and the E-Commerce Checkout – An infographic by the team at vouchercloud


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