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Businesses in the 21st century, as we know, is no more restricted to the traditional marketing techniques that involved publishing advertisements, newspaper releases, buying hoarding spaces for a while, giving out pamphlets, reaching out to potential businesses (in case of B2B requirements) and/or customers through phone calls or even organizing events to bring them together and share your offerings. That is almost prehistoric now! Digital Marketing is the mantra for modern businesses.

With internet accessibility at the tip of our fingers, almost everyone is sharing the internet space. Digital Marketing utilizes this internet presence and helps any business to reach and create an impact on the specific target audience and catalyzes the business benefits like whiskey on the rocks!!

Blogging is one very essential piece of digital marketing strategy. Publishing blogs from your company website can do wonders to a business in terms of generating revenue, strengthening the brand and even helps to build integrity and goodwill amidst company stakeholders.


InSync Solutions has passionately adopted this digital marketing strategy and celebrates the importance of blogging and content creation through a dedicated bi-annual event – InSync Blog Contribution Day.

The latest Blog Contribution Day at InSync was held on May 11th, 2019. Before we go on to describing the event, let’s quickly browse through why businesses should write blogs at all!

Here is why:

60% of marketers claim that blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.
Source- HubSpot

Publishing blogs related to your business acts as a major source of educating the audience of your offerings. This may not be a form of direct advertising but through embedding links in the content, one can provide a direct passage to the reader into the company’s website. Regular publishing of blogs let the web spiders crawl to the fresh content provided by an organization and results in effective SEO for the company, thus driving more traffic to the business’ website. As a result, the business gains in terms of online visibility and this eventually facilitates audience engagement. Remember – your company website will only be as good as the content you create! Engaging its audience can be one of the game-changing business tactics for businesses. All this comes down to generating leads for the business that can be nurtured and potentially converted into successful business deals. It is believed that blogs bring 3 times more leads to the business with a 62% lesser cost, says DemandMetric.Integrated-B2B-eCommerce-store-InSync

Besides curating more business for the organization, contributing blogs acts as a major means of building and strengthening the brand. For small to medium companies especially, sharing worthy content with the global audience lets the readers believe in the brand’s authority and creates a positive image of the company in people’s minds. By answering questions and providing solutions to the existing and potential customers through well-articulated blogs that are strategically knitted with keywords, a brand can effectively make the customers believe in the organization, hence accentuating the sense of brand loyalty. It can then position itself in the customers’ minds and consistently hold on to that position through future endeavors.


But Why does InSync Arrange a Dedicated Blog Contribution Day Twice Every Year?

As a matter of fact, company-blogs can be written and shared at any time of choice by a dedicated content writer in the company. But InSync has identified an altogether new and appreciable cause, thus conducting the Blog Contribution Day to bring more integrity, unity and power to its employees and the business, on a wider aspect.

The Blog Contribution Day sees each and every employee of InSync contributing blogs on chosen topics. From the lowest to the highest on the levels of hierarchy, each one is welcome to write and share knowledge on topics of their specialization, which can be published over the same year. The main aim of this day is to make room for knowledge acquisition and knowledge sharing, by and among the employees. It hopes to bring together all the employees on the same page and showcase their interests through their articles. An organization often harbors very rich knowledge-resources within itself but they are seldom able to share the same due to preoccupation.


A dedicated day, once in a few months, thus allows these knowledgeable employees to disseminate their knowledge and experience in the specific areas through their articles. Most importantly, a day like this brings acknowledgment to each employee’s most worthy presence in the organization. It makes every employee realize the gigantic role they play in the growth of the business and feel their towering importance as a part of the company. When each employee perceives itself as a brand ambassador, a business is bound to grow under positive lights and good vibes!

This year too, with this initiative, we received a number of blogs that cover a lot of topics. We were glad to have active participation and immense enthusiasm for all our team members. We hope to publish these soon and receive more such content in the future.

Now, you can easily connect your line of business applications under one single platform or Get started with your B2B Ecommerce Store to achieve your business goals!

Happy Blogging!!!ntegrate-business-apps-through-appseconnect

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