BISWA BANGLA – Where Bengal is In-Sync With The World

BISWA BANGLA-where-Bengal-is-In-Sync-with-the-World

Bengal, since times unknown, has been considered by the world as a place of magnificent cultural heritage and richly crafted traditions and customs. Bengal has been a pioneer in business since always. Its handicraft, textile, agriculture and other industries have paved the way for numerous traders, even invaders, for centuries in and has opened the gates of Bengal to the world.

Business affairs elevated to an all new height during the British reign in India. Having been the capital of Bengal, Kolkata has been exposed to a horizon of business opportunities. Its economy flourished in the hands of the incredibly skilled workforce whose craftsmanship has been both appreciated and envied upon, by people across the world. However, the industrial revolution had greatly impacted this industry. Even now, the advent of modern machines and ultra-modern techniques every day, challenges these skilled men and women, as most of the Bengali handicraft and textile industry resides in rural areas.

Biswa Bangla, The Brand

It makes us ecstatic and proud as residents of Bengal, to witness this worthy effort of the State and Central Government in the form of the ‘Biswa Bangla’ brand – an organization that promises to uphold the legend and tradition of craftsmanship of Bengal and presents these craftsmen with the opportunity to showcase their skills before the world. Biswa Bangla is the brand that speaks aloud of the heritage that Bengal nurtures, the handicraft and textile industry which it pioneers at, and has done great work in preventing the extinction of this exotic craft in the world of machine-made commodities.


Biswa Bangla Gate

The monumental Biswa Bangla Gate – where the World meets Bengal, stands right in the heart of IT hub of Kolkata, West Bengal, in New Town. Housing the first hanging restaurant of Kolkata in its lap, this gate is a mesmerizing structure of 4 intersecting arcs. The gate is about 55meters high and no person, tourist or resident of West Bengal, can deny the captivating beauty of this piece of fine architecture. The Biswa Bangla brand on a whole intends to show the world the gigantism of the state’s farsightedness in business and enrich the economic state of Kolkata and the entire West Bengal.Integrated-B2B-eCommerce-store-InSync

Bengal and the IT Sector

When we talk about the economic improvement of Bengal, it is important to mention about the IT sector in Kolkata – a development that started a few years ago and is growing every day. The Salt Lake Sector-V and New Town belt of Kolkata has borne out as the biggest and busiest IT hub of eastern Asia and contributes in ample towards uplifting the business scenario presiding over the state. For now, West Bengal stands as the Third largest IT Provider in India (Source: and we can surely hope that it will soon become the largest. With IT giants like Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant, Genpact, TCS, to name a few, there are so many other small to medium sized IT companies that have started off in this region and play a significant role in the present employment and financial structure of Bengal. It also attracts huge real estate investments and is a major playground for real estate conglomerates like DLF, CANDOR, Shapoorji Pallonji Group, TATA group, Ambuja Neotia Realty, Peerless Group, Sureka Group, etc. (as Wikipedia states). New Town has also been declared as a ‘Solar City’ by the Government and is progressing fast towards being known as a ‘Smart Green City’.


This industry is expanding every year and opening doors for present and future generations to explore infinite career opportunities. Ours itself, InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd., is a 12yrs old IT company that provides data integration solutions for businesses through APPSeCONNECT, our product. While constantly moving ahead in his vision of providing effective integration solutions for modern-day businesses to make their operations more streamlined, Founder & CEO Atul Gupta takes a very personal interest in enhancing the employment standard of the youths in our country. At InSync, Mr. Gupta welcomes freshers with open arms to give them the opportunity they deserve; learn and grow with the company. The Freshers Drive conducted every year over quarters, offers employment to freshly out-of-college aspirants with a desirable remuneration. From about 10 employees at its inception, the organization holds the strength of 88 now, in 2019. Our promise to connect and grow continues.

Besides, InSync nurtures a deep sensitivity towards the betterment of society. It has been consistent in its pledge to bring ‘Freedom through Education’ for the underprivileged, through its strong and long-time association with Airtel Run For Education (ARFE). Himself being a fitness and sports enthusiast, Mr. Atul Gupta has played his part with great care as the Race Director of the marathon. The marathon route usually curves its way along the scenic route around the upcoming Bengal Silicon IT Hub, winding up to the iconic Biswa Bangla Gate.

With our office located in proximity (at DLF Galleria), we enjoy an awesome view of the beautiful Biswa Bangla Gate near Narkelbagan, New Town, that looks like a proud tower of power in the day and a glimmer of glitters in the night.

So as the World meets Bengal at Biswa Bangla to expand our existence as a thriving house of commerce, we at InSync are elated to be a part of this growing industry and being able to contribute to the cause of Biswa Bangla by bridging the gap between Bengal and the world beyond, through our innovation.

Now, you can easily connect your line of business applications to automate the business process!integrate-business-apps-through-appseconnect

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