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Apprenticeship programs are becoming highly valued and common when it comes to training aspirants and individuals. An apprenticeship is a kind of job where the employee is paid to learn the skills and the professional caliber required in the employment arena through rigorous on-the-job training. In an apprenticeship program, the idea is derived from the earn-while-you-learn model and helps in motivating apprentices in learning and delivering better. These apprenticeship programs facilitate organizations in retaining their employees for a longer period of time and keeping them motivated by helping them develop skills over the years. Also, these programs help individuals in understanding the employment scenario better and making them ready for the future – apprenticeship helps them embark a learning journey where they can grow and evolve to their full potential. By combining on-the-job learning and classroom instructions, these apprenticeship programs have shown to boost the employees’ productivity and efficiency and also have an impact on how well they tackle unforeseen situations.

In reality, apprenticeship trainings are one of the most efficient ways of educating and developing skilled workforce for any industry – more so since it does not need the organizations to set up a dedicated training infrastructure. Following are some of the benefits of apprenticeship and how it helps individuals in making them future-ready.4

Apprenticeship Benefits

1. Earn while you Learn

Along with training and learning, apprenticeship programs also pay the individuals to help them enjoy the perks of social life, whilst also having enough money for the essentials. This motivates the employees and generates a better learning curve.

2. Receive Recognized Qualifications

With each level of an apprenticeship, the training itself rewards individuals with a qualification that they can showcase to future employers.

3. Gain Independence and Respect

Working in a company will teach apprentices to take responsibility for their actions, how to behave in a working environment and how to be independent in their tasks. In turn, this will gain apprentices the respect of the co-workers and employers, giving them the confidence they need to carry out their role.

4. Gain Real Work Experience

Working life is completely different from being in school or university and an apprenticeship is a way of easing aspirants into that environment whilst having people around to guide them along the way. The colleagues will be able to show them the ropes of everyday working life so that they soon fit right in!

5. Improve your employability

Not only does the apprenticeship give individuals the opportunity to learn and experience their chosen career, it also makes them more employable to future companies. They’ll be able to see that the apprentices were able to apply themselves to the demands of a full-time job whilst also studying to complete the coursework element of their apprenticeship. Dedication is an important quality to employers and they’ll value these work ethics.

Apprenticeship Training Experience at INSYNC

According to the latest Government rule of 2019, organizations with 30 or more personnel are required to have 15% of the total workforce as apprentices. At INSYNC, we believe in training apprentices with a more hands-on-job training and aligning them with their future goals and aspirations. We know it is important for the individuals to be able to learn well in order to deliver in the employment industry. Hence, we here follow a strict and productive apprenticeship program that not only educates and trains these individuals but also imbibes in them the sense of responsibility, perseverance and commitment.

Here is a video of the journey of INSYNC apprentices:

And here is what the apprentices have to say about the training experience at INSYNC:

1. What was your first impression after becoming part of the INSYNC family?

“My first day at INSYNC was very inspiring, to say the least. I really had a fun time getting to know the office and the other team members I will be working with. When thinking about the work environment in a company, the first thing that pops into mind is people working in silence in their respective cubicles like drones. INSYNC shattered that stereotype for me. I was genuinely surprised and excited to see how much energy everyone carried to work. INSYNC is definitely not your old and cold office.” says Joyanto Dey.

On the other hand, Basirul Islam Khan says “On my first day at the office, the one thing that stood out for me was their love for superheroes and pop culture in general. There are references to pop culture and superheroes in almost every room I was in. From the Justice League-themed window blinds to Star Wars and other pop culture stickers and posters, they really have this cool place made by cool people vibe at the office that I really loved.”

2. How does it feel to become part of the INSYNC family?

“I am honestly proud and excited to be part of the INSYNC family. A funny thing that happened to me was one of my team members coming up to me, putting an arm on my shoulder, and said: ‘Welcome to the Avengers’. I am a bit awkward at making new friends, but that really helped me ease into the team. Everyone in the INSYNC family is very friendly and helpful towards each other. Everyone here is extremely passionate about what they do and genuinely enjoy their work. From everyone working together in a group to everyone eating and sharing food during lunchtime, it really felt like being part of a warm and enthusiastic family rather than an office.” says Saikat Sarkar. 

3. From your first day of joining to the present day, how was your journey at INSYNC so far?

According to Sayan Sengupta, “The journey so far has been full of fun and exciting events and learning new things. Over the past few months, since I joined, INSYNC has groomed and trained me to work at a professional standard. Their hands-on mentorship taught me a lot of important lessons that helped me to become more adept in my field of work and grow as an individual as well. A stand-out part of my journey at INSYNC would be the annual Hackathon. The COVID pandemic was still at large during the event, so everyone coordinates both from home and office to make the event a success. It was a 34 hour-long event of brainstorming, team bonding, and a fun experience which I am looking forward to being a part of this year again.”

Also, Soumita Das says “A big part of my journey at INSYNC would definitely be the events I had the opportunity to be a part of. There are a lot of fun events that are organized within the company. With the COVID pandemic still around, one would expect most of these office events to be canceled. This wasn’t the case at INSYNC. The events were conducted online and everyone joined in through video calls to participate.”

It is clear that apprenticeship programs are one of the best and most effective ways of training young individuals to become professional experts in their vertical. With more and more concern rising in this matter, we believe better and better solutions will come up to train and prepare these aspirants to meet the market’s needs.

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