All New Magento Page Builder – Easy Interface with Visual Drag & Drop Feature


Magento is a highly scalable and trusted eCommerce platform that has been helping millions of companies around the world in their businesses processes. It has been continuously developing new features to cater to their customers globally and has tried to inculcate every grain of new innovation into their offerings.

Magento has recently released a new feature called the Magento Page Builder – the Page Builder is a Magento extension for creating content on the pages by dragging-and-dropping pre-built controls or elements.


The Magento Page Builder offers several features which include:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality for content creation.
  • Live previews of how the content will look on the storefront.
  • Form editors for entering and customizing the content.

With this feature, Magento has made it easier for end customers and non-technical folks to build pages filled with content – coding is not a must with the help of this page builder. However, this does not mean developers won’t have anything to do in the page builder – Magento developers will be able to customize pages using the content elements and types, as per the end-users requirements.


Some of the best features of Magento Page Builder

Vivid Preview

Previewing helps a user in actually seeing the page they are trying to create. It speeds up any design process. A user will be directly able to see what is going on with the page’s look when changes are made. Especially for page designing, it does take things up to a notch!

Real-time web design

Real-time designing of the ecommerce page helps users by saving time and effort than the previous method – no need to first save and then upload. A user can design while updating changes automatically. This feature saves effort and minimizes risks of losing work due to unexpected reasons.

Saving Cost & Time

A professionally coded Magento 2 Page Builder promises to offer the best in the page design process. A user can save your money, time, and effort for working on other projects.

Speedy & User-friendly interface

The designing page of Magento 2 Page Builder is light and smooth which facilitates easy manipulation. Also, a user will know how to work around right at the second they look at it. Incredibly easy to work on!

SEO Optimized

Magento Page Builder is fully SEO-rich feature which knows how to make the most out of keywords, page titles, and meta descriptions for SEO. It supports easy management and customization in accordance with the necessary SEO optimization parameters.

Highly compatible with Magento templates

This feature is compatible with any Magento template there is and promises to work flawlessly on Magento 2.


Stay tuned for more Magento updates!

Get started with your B2B eCommerce store and gain a competitive edge in the market!

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