7 Tips to Use Vine Videos for Better eCommerce Sales


Vine is a new app that’s creating a sensation among online communities. Why? It’s an app that allows users to create looping videos – called ‘vines’ – on their iPhone , iPod or iPad that can be shared easily on Twitter and Facebook. Users can shoot, edit, and create stop-motion style videos that’s getting huge popularity amongst its followers. Businesses, especially  eCommerce retailers are using this platform to promote products and services.
These 8 tips can help you to get better eCommerce sales from the Vine.
Introduce New Products
Introduce new products or services by uploading a short appealing video and inform customers and prospects through a tweet and by including a link to it.
Candy Maker red vine used this

Tweet Vine

Showcase a Product

You can showcase a product by uploading a short video. Vines draw lots of attention if used properly

Watch how GAP used this



Customer Engagement

You can ask customers to create vines and demonstrating your product. That will bring viral effect and brand promotion

Behind the Scenes

Visitors trust human faces more than the product or brand. You can shoot behind the scenes videos about your office, employees or about anything and put a human face to your business
Create a Contest
Contests draw a lot of attention in social media. Create a ‘best vine’ contest where you can ask your customers to create a vine showcasing your product and the best vine wins. Make sure to announce a attractive prize. That will attract other shoppers and create a viral effect
Share How To’s
How To’s are great ways to help people and attract traffic. Vines how to videos

Promote with Twitter Ads

Twitter ads in the form of sponsored tweets are a strong mean to attract eyeballs and targeted traffic. Promote a vine with sponsored tweets to gather maximum mileage

6 Steps to Use Vine
• Download the app in your iPhone or iPad
• Create a vine account using Twitter or email address
• Open the app and create on the ‘video camera’ icon to start shooting
• Tap and hold your finger to record and release to pause.
• Share it on Twitter , Facebook,
• Click the ‘done’ button once finished. Have fun

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