7 Tips To Choose The Best Theme For Your eCommerce Website

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Want to scale up your business quickly? Opening up an eCommerce store is the most prudent solution. Either you can build your eCommerce website from scratch or can use ‘theme’s to save time and money. Themes also offer lots of feature to make a website attractive.The first and foremost thing you would require is the ‘platform’ on which it is raised up on. Going by the trend, ‘Magento’ is leading the pack with its outstanding features. What adds to its robustness is its ‘open source’ nature. The next most important step after choosing the platform is to choose the right ‘theme’ for your eCommerce web store. Themes plays an important role in your online success as it adds visual elements appealing to visitors. Choosing a perfect theme is not an easy task. Here are some tips that would help you to deploy the best theme for your eCommerce business.

Visually Appealing

You must have heard the adage – ‘First impression is the last impression’. That is especially applicable for eCommerce customers. A poorly designed website would have a high bounce rate and visitors would not come back for the second time. Themes plays a major role to cast a spell on the visitors . Also it should be kept in mind that the theme should not be only about graphics, but also it should look professional. It should be the right representation of your business.

Balanced Color

There are infinite color themes available on the web today. Most of them would not be a visual treat for your customers. Choosing one from the lot that has the perfect color blend is important. Research on some existing websites. Successful websites have the best themes with perfect colors. Including one such for your business can help you reap good profits.


One of the most important factors is the customizable capacity of your theme. ECommerce is the type of business that is subject to quick expansion in a short period. So, the theme you have chosen should have advanced and additional features to support you. Web technology is subject to continuous changes and new innovations, and your theme should not be a constraining factor in incorporating them.

Provision for Banners & Slides

Promotional banners and slides are eyec-catching and informative and is growing in popularity for its ability to retain visitors on the website. Make sure your chosen theme supports this feature that can enhance marketing prospects in a short period.

Cross Browser Support

Cross browser support is another important feature you would look for while choosing themes. Online high quality themes with advanced features have this ability . This would ease the reach to worldwide viewers that can increase sales to a considerable extent

Trendy Look

A theme with a more contemporary look works well with the audience, especially the younger lot. Try to choose a theme that covers a wide range of audience. For example , if you have an online fashion store, then go for a theme that is completely trendy to create a great impression. Search for trendy themes that are popular and has a good rating. That indicates they have good features to present your website better on the web sphere.


Top Google rankings equal high traffic and eventually higher sales. The theme you chose should be SEO-friendly for fast indexing and better search results. Make sure your theme has SEO-friendly features embedded in the theme.

Take out some time to browse competitor websites and note the theme they are using. Following these tips would surely give you higher traffic resulting in better sales.


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