7 Major Advantages of Using a B2B eCommerce Mobile App

7 Major Advantages of using a B2B eCommerce Mobile App

The B2B eCommerce market is thriving as global investors are making a contribution to the development and adoption of this module of business. Over the past few years, thousands of businesses and organizations have shifted to B2B eCommerce to sustain and enhance their business. Also, with the prominence of tech-savvy decision-makers in the industry, an extensive rise of B2B-capable eCommerce mobile apps has been witnessed. B2B eCommerce mobile apps give the power and flexibility to the user to manage their business on the go. For B2B business owners, it is crucial to use the power of mobile apps in order to engage more with their audience and control their business processes from anywhere.

According to a recent study by Forrester, “59% of all B2B buyers now prefer to research online instead of interacting with a sales rep, and the typical B2B decision-making process is 57% complete before a customer even thinks to reach out directly to B2B providers.” This proves that it is not only important to involve in mobile commerce but also kind of necessary to provide a B2B-ready mobile-friendly solution that caters to the B2B buyers as well as the sellers. B2B eCommerce mobile apps are necessary since they help merchants provide unparalleled customer service to their clients and provide an experience that enhances the digital commerce journey; it provides an omnichannel experience for the users which facilitates the growth of the business too. There are many more advantages that a B2B eCommerce mobile app provides and that is what we will discuss today – below are some of the top advantages of using a B2B eCommerce mobile app!

7 Advantages of Using a B2B eCommerce Mobile App

1. Enables Scalability

By adopting omnichannel, a B2B eCommerce mobile app enables the multichannel sales approach for the sales team of an organization, thus, helping the company to scale faster and more efficiently. With the correct use of mobile apps, merchants can make their customers search for products, view and compare them, place an order and even complete payment without even needing to check the storefront or the physical store! This is how the business might have the opportunity to expand itself and reach beyond the territory of its existing regional area – with mobile apps, one can start to cater to national or global customers in a relatively short time.

2. Offers Lower Cost to Serve Customers

A B2B eCommerce mobile app is handy and helps merchants serve their customers better – with the help of these mobile apps, the sales team spends less time in hand-holding customers, initiating hard-selling and taking orders. A B2B mobile app enables a single point of intent for placing orders and even reduces customer retention costs. Also, these apps help in acquiring new customers, offer service to exciting ones and developing strategies for the business based on customer behavior.


3. Introduces a Source of Earning

With the implementation of B2B mobile eCommerce apps, merchants can make use of it as the sole or an additional source of income for their business. Now, since a mobile app is available for the business organization, customers can easily make purchases from the app itself – there is no need for the customer to reach the physical store or visit the website. This way, a chunk of orders is processed via the app orders and more business is driven.

4. Increased Revenue

We all know that a B2B mobile commerce app makes the process of buying and rebuying orders in bulk very easy, with the purchase history readily available. This, in fact, increases the sales for the company as well as the overall revenue. Due to an easy approach and a convenient way to place orders, B2B mobile commerce apps facilitate the expansive increase of the business and drives more revenue. B2B eCommerce mobile apps are specially designed to analyze and create reports and strategies and allow the team members to work on promotions for their products, based on the criteria provided. Also, sharing the word about a mobile app is much easier and merchants can easily pull customers and investors to their organization – digital marketing campaigns are a great way to increase brand awareness which in turn leads to increased customer acquisition and increased sales & revenue.

5. The power of Omnichannel

B2B eCommerce mobile apps provide users with the power of omnichannel sales and marketing – by being present on the digital frontier, merchants using B2B mobile commerce apps can stay connected to their clients on any device they are working on, pushing them to make a purchase. With the use of omnichannel sales, merchants can now remain in close digital proximity to the customers and pitch in at any time they want. Besides increasing the brand popularity on various channels, the omnichannel approach also gives the power to the merchants to view and control their business from anywhere, on the go. This facilitates the quick growth and efficient scalability of the organization.

6. Enhanced Customer Engagement and Loyalty

A B2B mobile commerce app is best known for its ability to engage and enrich more customers. Since it is more convenient to be present to your clients on the phone in this tech-savvy world, the increase in the levels of mobile engagement and mobile-driven revenue is inevitable. A smartly-built B2B mobile app improves the purchasing experience for the buyers and enhances customer loyalty to a great extent – in fact, “90% of B2B buyers were willing to buy again from a vendor that provides a superior mobile experience, while only 50% reported such inclination in case of a poor mobile experience. With its expertise in customer data collection, split test and UX analytics and B2B marketing strategies, a B2B commerce mobile app ensures higher customer engagement.


7. Initiate Regular Marketing Campaigns

B2B mobile apps go hand in hand with the B2B marketing activities of the organization. This coalition is a good thing since it automatically aligns all the newly acquired customers in a direct line with the existing B2B marketing and PR strategies and the business owner does not need to configure collaterals with every new entry. This process enables the merchants to provide various attractive and out-of-the-box terms and personalized loyalty programs that ensure returning customers to your website.

While a B2B eCommerce mobile app provides many advantages to its users, it is always dependant on the ones who use it and leverage its full power to churn out the maximum profits. With almost hundreds of B2B mobile commerce applications present in the market, it is crucial for business owners and entrepreneurs to choose the right platform for them that can help them scale their business, attain perpetual growth and witness increased revenue and brand goodwill.

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