6 Reasons You Need a B2B eCommerce Mobile App for Your Business

6 Reasons B2B Commerce mobile app for your business

We live in an era where users are heavily dependent on their smartphones for almost all activities. Be it shopping, entertainment, connecting with one another, or even working!

In fact, coronavirus has fast-tracked the growing trend of mobile commerce which has increased our dependence on mobile phones even more. This is because we are spending more and more time on our phones and have shifted to making all our purchases via them. This is also because most of us don’t have the time to constantly open our desktop for every purchase that we make.

With the growing trend of mobile commerce, online retailers are trying to leverage more and more customers to their marketplace by engaging them using mobile apps. Creating dedicated apps for which can be accessed from anywhere can ensure quicker communications and improve the chances of purchase taking places.

Here are a few reasons why businesses are adopting the trend of mobile apps:

1. Improve efficiency

The buying experience that you provide to your customer is extremely crucial to converting a simple search into a sale. This means that your eCommerce store should be easy to navigate and lookup with quick and hassle-free checkout. It is essential to do so since not many users are willing to invest time in placing orders with a complicated procedure. This is where mobile apps help you solve the problem. They ensure that your customer gets access to features like saved purchase information, barcode scanners, and camera access, post-payments, push notifications, and many more. Not only do these features help in saving buyers time, but also increase their attention span. This is because they do not have to shift from mail to your webpage and all the information is available at a single platform.

2. Push Notifications

A mobile app comes with the push notification feature which acts as one of the best communication strategies which one can offer. It is one of the most effective features of a mobile app and one of the reasons why it’s so popular. Push notifications are just for showing promotional offers or reminders. They can lead to a sale by reminding a customer that it is the right time to make a purchase and take action. They act just like messages and remind the customers of existing products in their cart, availability of a product from the wishlist, the ending of credits, and many more special offers and take the customer to the required page on the app with just a click.


3. Personalization of Content

A mobile app allows you to personalize content in a manner that would directly target the needs, preferences, and demands of a user. A mobile app can analyze the want of a customer using their purchase history, the type of products they search, and accordingly make the app aware of what should be best shown to the customer which the help of integrated CRM and predictive analysis. This can be applied to not only the type of products but also the preferred price range and the method of checkout. The app also stores the necessary information of a user with their permission therefore, a customer does not have to constantly look up or manually enter necessary details to look up for a product or even purchase it. Such personalization ensures that the customer feels special and remembered which would increase their loyalty towards your brand and ensure a higher level of retention.

4. Leveraging a smartphone’s capabilities

When you run your e-commerce store through your webpage, you face certain limitations in terms of understanding a user’s location or even gaining access to camera options. These problems are negated by introducing a mobile app because they are already integrated into a mobile. Apart from these features, using a mobile app to integrate their social media with the app as well which in turn opens up new channels of customer engagement and communication for the retailers. This also allows the business to understand the preference of the customers and present targeted content for the same.

5. Seamless checkout and payment options

An e-commerce store only through a webpage can only offer so many payment options as compared to a store live on a mobile app. Apart from the convenience of multiple payment options, the checkout process is extremely seamless and quite interactive. The concept of mobile wallets has helped fast track this along with features like face recognition and fingerprint scanning as well. Also, mobile apps tend to store important information with the user’s permission which makes checking out a one-click process while ensuring authentication at the same time. The reason why this is important is very simple. Buyers are often willing to buy a product and as soon as they start the checkout process, a complicated one reduces the chances of completing the entire transaction. Also, not finding the wanted method of payment tends to disappoint a buyer. Therefore, it becomes essential to add these features in your bag using a mobile app.


6. Improved loyalty towards brands

Mobile apps, when compared to a website, are not only more efficient in making sales but also tend to ensure brand recognition. Once a customer installs your app, you already know that they are willing` to invest time into your brand. Also, they are going to be browsing your content a lot more than before because users tend to browse through their cell phones a lot. It is noteworthy to mention that the global pandemic of COVID-19 has helped in fast-tracking this trend as well. Also, due to the ease of access to the app, a customer is more likely to think of your brand subconsciously whenever they think of making a purchase.

Mobile Apps without a show of doubt are trending at the next level in the present scenario and there is no stopping it in the future as well. Therefore, developing an app is ensuring that you that the next step towards growing and expanding your e-commerce businesses. The current scenario is a great time to implement this strategy since the dependence of users on mobile apps is increasing every day.

We hope you found this blog useful. Let us know your feedback on the comment section below. Stay safe!

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