5 Ways to Accelerate Digital Transformation with iPaaS

Digital Transformation is the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems

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We have entered an era where digital transformation has become a race with everyone racing to catch up with the latest trends and developments. The latest advent in this field has of course been cloud computing. Thinking beyond what’s expected has become the need of the hour with new tech disruptions coming up every day.

Integration has become important in today’s ecosystem and iPaas is the emerging platform when it comes to cloud computing. It helps in making the process of integration faster and more convenient. Before we discuss how iPaaS helps in powering digital transformation strategy, let us first discuss the challenges that are faced in digital transformation:

1. Cybersecurity

When we talk about integration in today’s scenario, we need to understand the fact that information regarding employee input or customer docs are dispersed across various software’s. Most people are scared to go digital because such scattered information may not get integrated into a single platform accurately which could lead to security breach and loss of information. The primary concern here is to capture information from multiple systems at a single platform and ensuring that they are well connected so that all required personnel can get access to the data securely.


2. Budget allocation 

Digitally transforming your business requires not just your time but also a hefty amount of investment. Even though it is a beneficial and much-needed investment, many businesses are reluctant to do so because of the impact of this business is visible in the long run. Companies who want immediate results or have a shortage of budget tend to steer clear of this investment.

3. Changing the work culture

Digital transformation does not simply mean changing how you conduct your business but also includes changing the mindset of your workforce. This requires looking at your business from a digital perspective. Many workers show resistance and reluctance towards adapting to this change which often leads to conflicts in the business environment.

4. Changing of the systems

Digital transformation also includes changing the way you work. This means shifting from the traditional way of working in a way that adapts to these transformations. Many professionals use such a way which includes creating hand-coded integrations for connecting various systems that are not time-consuming but also expensive in nature. Not only this but manually changing such systems can also lead to a high level of errors.

These are just a few challenges that are faced by a company while creating a digital transformation strategy. The main question here is how can iPaaS help a company in coping up with these challenges?

Let us discuss a few ways in which iPaaS is helping in powering digital transformation:

1. Automation

When you use iPaaS as your cloud computing platform, it integrates all your existing systems into a single platform within minutes. This makes iPaaS of the most efficient platforms for cloud computing. The only manual work required when it comes to iPaaS is entering information into the system, that only once! iPaaS automatically adapts all related information, connects it and whenever needed automatically sends required data, mail or other necessary content to the required personnel.


2. Real-time analysis

As soon as you enter data into your system, iPaaS as mentioned before, automatically integrates all the information. Due to this automated function of iPaaS, the management can easily keep track of all the movements made by a customer, be it any department, online or offline. It brings all the data into an all-inclusive format to make sense out of the data existing in the system. Tracking all the movements of the customer gives an important advantage to the business as they can understand the requirements of the customers better and accordingly provide whatever is needed.

3. Time consumption

The tasks which take hours or probably days to be done within using iPaaS. This is simply because of its integration features. Tasks like constantly maintaining documents, updating paperwork, constantly searching for data or sending information from one system to another no longer becomes an issue when one uses iPaaS and effort and time can be given towards other tasks of the business.

4. Leveraging API

API is without any doubt one of the key elements in the breakthrough towards digital transformation. It helps you to not only build but also analyze and even extend the services that you provide. So how does iPaaS help in this situation? It helps in simplifying the process of understanding the transactions that take place thus, helping one to utilize real-time connections without much effort.

5. Less focus on management

Forming a digital transformation strategy leads to a lot of changes taking place in a business workplace. This includes changing the way your business functions completely including training and providing the required knowledge to your workforce as to how the systems work as well. iPaaS helps in simplifying this complicated process because of its “all information present at one platform” feature. The amount of manual work time needed to be spent on iPaaS is minimum and you simply need one person to ensure that the transactions are taking place properly.

Digital Transformation is soon going to take over the way we work with its latest trends and we feel that iPaaS would be one of the best cloud computing platforms that will help us in coping up with the trends that digital transformation will bring about. Let us know how you feel in the comment section before!

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