Prestashop SAP B1 Integration: APPSeCONNECT

Prestashop SAPB1 integration


Prestashop ecommerce platform powers more than 150,000  live online stores worldwide and has an active community consisting of 500,000 members. Being open source and free, coupled with its advanced out of the box features it’s one of the most sought after ecommerce platforms today.

After successfully launching ecommerce connectors for Magento, Zen cart and ebay , InSync is launching its integration solution like Prestashop SAP B1 Integration or Prestashop Connecter with SAP as APPSeCONNECT.

If you have a non–integrated Prestashop based online store and SAP Business One ERP system to manage all your eBusiness processes you must be quite familiar with the following scenarios:

  • Your store gets overflowed with orders and customer registrations every day and your employees have to manually re-key all those data into your ERP, which is time consuming and is also prone to errors.
  • After processing the orders in your ERP system they again re-key the invoice and shipping information into your online store.
  • Your employees constantly keep updating the order statuses and stock level of products in your store.

So if your online store is based on Prestashop and you are using SAP Business One as your ERP system, our integration solution. APPSeCONNECT can help you handle all the above scenarios more efficiently. Our connector will provide you the flexibility to execute all your business processes effortlessly.

How our solution will save your time, money and effort:

APPSeCONNECT for Prestashop and SAP Business One integration will seamlessly connect your two platforms and allow them work together. With our solution you will always have the two platforms with the most updated information and your entire eBusiness will be streamlined.

The integration touch points covered:

  • Customer synchronization: Registered Customers can be downloaded to SAP Business One along with their billing and shipping addresses.
  • Product synchronization: Simple products can be bidirectionally synced between the two platforms.
  • Inventory Update: Live SAP Business One Inventory Updates can be uploaded to Prestashop allowing you to prevent ‘Out of Stock’ scenarios.
  • Order Synchronization: Sales orders placed in the Prestashop store can be synced back to SAP Business One for further processing.
  • Delivery Synchronization: Shipping information can be synced to Prestashop along with Shipment tracking id and will update the order status.
  • Invoice Synchronization: Invoice can be uploaded to Prestashop and will update the order status.

So with live synchronization of all the above touch points it will save you a significant amount of effort and will allow you to achieve faster order fulfillment cycle. Finally having all your business inefficiencies eliminated you and your team will able to focus more on your business growth rather than brainstorming on the day to day activities.


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