iOS Human Interface Guidelines

One Pixel vexes a Designer big-time. A wrongly positioned button does the same thing to a normal user. Think about the dialogue screen which pops up if u hit the close button of any application.  “Save changes to the file before quitting?” or “Do you want to save the game?”  The obvious answer will be ‘YES’ if u haven’t saved it already which is on the left side. Now almost all the useful applications got ‘SAVE’ button on the left side. Am I making you confused?

Not only general users most of the designers are confused when it comes to UI & UX and the things I babbled above was about this two primary things of any applications.

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What is UI & UX ?

Now in simplest way the definition of UI (User Interface) will be the association between the equipment and people . UI gave birth to the term ‘UX’ which is User Experience. The way user feels while using an application is termed as UX. Think about a movie theater, there are lots of differences between a local one and the theaters in the big multiplexes.  Stairs, Chairs, that’s user interface and the ambience , sound effects, comfort of the leaned back chairs, that’s are user experience.

The first and foremost thing we see in any application is its ‘Interface’, the look and feel & how easily we can get our job done.  Simple yet interesting & these two things go hand in hand with one of the most popular operating system for smartphones and tablet, i.e., Apple’s iOS.

A device which took 76 days to sell a million units must had something special, it was the first IPhone but then the phenomenon took off like a rocket leaving the launch pad, and the 3G took just three days to reach the same target. The 3GS model sold at the same initial rate. Why is so much popularity? Answer is its good UI and UX.

What we have learned after doing a good  research on iOS human interface is that a good application development has some important key features to remember…those are –

a. Intuitiveness.

b. Ease of use.

c. Ability to handle tasks more efficiently.

d. Beauty.

e. Generosity.

f. Ubiquity

g. Utility

The Good old GUI (graphical user interface) along with new NUI (natural user interface, i.e., multi touch, gesture) to make expressive movements has brought next generation technology used in iOS.

This era is all about speed, simplicity and clarity (we are busy people, don’t have much time! 😛 ) and based on these 3 key features a positive user experience evolves.

So let me finish the long article quoting Steve Jobs

“Design is not just what it looks like & feels like. Design is how it works!”- Steve jobs.

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