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Design My Template isn’t about just being pro with Photoshop and ideas!

Lots of amateur things are done too.  Like the ‘draw your mind out’ event held last week.

It’s always fun doing the things you like to do most right? Thinking new concepts and portraying them is the most lovable thing here. Here are some amateur drawings from the event with full of cute colors and the hint of childhood!

The drawing from Priyanka Bag was about the office environment based on work pressure. “ I tried to paint the thought lingers in the mind of an employee through a process of any project, A good work easily gets appreciation from above but if the project work doesn’t satisfy the client or the boss…(she laughs)”.. you could guess his/her expression” she said.

Nature loving side of Antara Das was highlighted in her drawing. According to her she sees herself as a kid who loves to lull in nature’s lap. Her drawing definitely conveys that.

Debdatta Banerjee’s drawing connotes the working process of Design My Template. “After getting a brief from client the process starts with finding keywords, brain storming and R&D. Then gradually with help of pen, paper and required tools we finish the main visual. Fine tuning are done and we get the project ready for the final delivery”, she said.

Saheli Dutta sketched a cute scenery inspired by Disney characters. This will take you to the fantasy land of Mowgli and jumbo. Who hasn’t grown up with Disney characters right?

Vijaya Das (myself) tried to color her concept and thoughts quickly in an abstract manner. “No circumstances can stop Ideas” was the tagline of the drawing. Be it heaven or hell if you have astounding concepts it will definitely show!

More such ‘back to the amateur world’ events are yet to take place in Design My Template and we will keep you updated. That’s a promise 😉

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