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Though no generally-accepted definition of “design” exists, and the term has different connotations in different fields, but when it comes to ‘ecommerce’, design is everything. You could be the king of best selling items on the market for quite reasonable prices, but without a good designed site your sales are bound to fall immensely .  After studying about eCommerce website designs and following many writers on that topic including Rebecca Wright, here are some points which I think are really important for every ecommerce website designers.

1. Cleanliness Is Next To Goodliness

Its an unspoken truth that a clean, visually appealing design is the most important thing on the internet for the customers who want to start their online business. However, the amount of cluttered and broken-linked ecommerce sites on the web is dumfounding. If the consumer is unable to shop efficiently, they will surely be frustrated and will inevitably go elsewhere.

2. Color Affects Mood

Color is one of the vital thing in any designs. Moreover it has the ability to make a strong connection with our emotions. This does not hold more true than when it comes to ecommerce website design. Non-threatening colors go best with any ecommerce design, such as light blues and greens. Green is an excellent color to indicate a price cut. Avoiding alarming color such as red won’t do any harm.

3. Choose Your Provider Wisely

Finding the best ecommerce web hosting provider ain’t easy, as this is one of the significant parts of the process. A Stitch in time saves nine, so doing a bit of research on the web will not only save us time but also the money as well as help to mold our decisions better.

4. Call to Action

In the very beginning we have understood that Simplicity is the Key. So to attract customers’ attention a simple button is more effective than long long Para(s).  But too much activity can put a damper on the design. That would do nothing but make customer more confused about buying their necessary stuffs.


5. Speed Is Everything

‘Slow and steady win’s the race’ theory doesn’t apply in this era, when speed matters most. Most people enjoy shopping online because it helps them dodge the crowd and let them finish their shopping more quickly. Be sure that the checkout process is streamlined, intuitive and also completes quickly.

6. Position of breadcrums navigation bar

Most of the ecommerce website designs misses a significant tool which is breadcrumb navigation. The navigation can be on the top of the page can also be at the very edge of the page. This definitely creates a great convenience for the customer shopping experience.

7. Watch Your Pricing

People who shop online do so primarily based upon pricing, which is why it is crucial to keep your pricing low and competitive and to let the consumer know this. Designing your site to show your competitors prices right next to yours can instill confidence in the buyer, and will lead them to believe that your site holds the best deals on the net.

8. Advertising to Promote Sale

People like to sneak into other options before making the final purchase. Shopping for customers recommended products other than the target ones is a great opportunity for the ecommerce . So rational use of advertisement can boost up your sales.

9. Registration, Easy as 1,2,3

Customer visits ecommerce site just for shopping they don’t like to spend too much time on filling up the registration form. So making the registration process hassle free and short can increase no. of customer hitting your site significantly.

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