Connect Magento Community 1.9 with SAP Business One and MS Dynamics NAV


Magento Community Edition 1.9 just released few days back, so if you are into Online Retail business and using Magento Community Edition, 1.9 comes up with some stunning features to look into. You can check the release notes and download link for Magento Community 1.9 here. Now when we are discussing about an efficient Online Business Operation, using Magento as your ecommerce platform provide more flexibility and ROI if it can interact directly with your Back Office ERP system, such as SAP Business One/MS Dynamics NAV. Presenting APPSeCONNECT which can seamlessly Connect Magento Community 1.9 with SAP Business One and MS Dynamics NAV.

With this integration you can achieve below benefits for B2C as well as B2B eCommerce through Magento Community 1.9:

Customer Sync

In B2C Scenario:

Web Customer Information of Magento Community 1.9 will be replicated in the ERP Business Partner Master

In B2B Scenario:

ERP Customer Company and Contact Persons will be synced to Magento 1.9 and new Company-> Contact Persons access will be created in the web

Item Sync

In B2C Scenario:

Simple, Configurable, Bundled, Grouped, Virtual, Downloadable Product types defined in Magento Community 1.9 Admin Panel will be replicated in the ERP Item Master. If these Item Exists, then it will be mapped accordingly. Stock in web inventory will be updated from ERP Inventory.

In B2B Scenario:

Finished Goods defined within the ERP system can be selectively synced to the web, with different price lists for different Customer Companies/Customer Groups. ERP Inventory will continuously update the stock quantity of the web items.

Order Sync:

In B2C Scenario:

Web Orders will sync back as Draft (for Cash On Delivery Payment Type) or as a Sales Order in the Back End ERP for further Order Processing. Online Payment Information (Transaction ID/Credit Card Details) will be mentioned in the ERP side.

In B2B Scenario:

Web Orders will sync back to ERP as Sales Order, but Web Orders placed by the Contact Person of a Customer Company will be marked against the Company Name in the Back End ERP for further processing. Customer Credit Limit will possibly be updated in the ERP side against Web Orders where Credit Limit has been used as the Payment Method.

And many more sync features related to Delivery, Invoice, Product Pricing & Discounts, Guest Checkout, etc. are also available under this integration. To know in more details, kindly visit Detailed Feature List of APPSeCONNECT

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