25 Minutes of eCommerce Content Marketing Tips

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If you are running an ecommerce business and if the term ‘digital marketing’ doesn’t sound alien to you, then you know the importance of ‘content marketing’ . Content marketing for eCommerce to generate traffic and leads is a tricky affair. Here are some ‘daily dose’ content marketing tips , that will save time and give better ROI:

The most advice is not to have a siloed content strategy – you might have your social media team, sales team, management, technical guys, copywriters, brand managers, all markting the product or the organization with little  coordination between each others. That’s dangerous and sends negative message to the viewers. Ideally team should share their knowledge, plan, and leverage each others knowledge and learnings for a unified brand marketing strategy that will help to create better impact.

Another advise is not to create reapeated content and posts based on the list that’s not updated since ages! Nothing as annoying as old boring posts that pops up time and again. Tailor your content as per the latest updates and audience that might be different for email, social media, etc.

Create a buyer persona, and stragetgise content that’s going to be appaeling for these group. Nobody is interested in articles, blogs, posts that is nothing but a sales pitch. People are moer interested in solutions for their problems related to their hobbies, professiona, family, lifestyle,and such.

The next most valuable piece of advise – content marketing should not be the sole responsibility of ‘online markting’ department, its like a investment that grows over time. There should be an ‘inbound marketing ‘ culture where everyone including CEO should contribute from their ecxpertise and experience.Content marketing is not a ‘duty’, it should be a ‘habit’.It is tobe followed that a team,pescially a small one, cannot really conquer all the content marketing platforms, so they should decide whther they would stress more on Facebook, Pinterest or on creating infographs, resource papers and alike.

Also, best form of content marketing is which you don’t create. So, leverage on customer reviews, feedbacks, post them on your official product pages and social pages that will give you mopre buzz. Also, buyers tend to stick more if you make their life easy. Create detailed guides and ebooks with call to action and drip market to engage the target customers. Create content for people, that’s going to solve something or help them.Gone rae the days when you create content for Google bots and pray to god so that it work. Strategise , engage and measure – is what you need to do in this age of content marketing.

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