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Magento Commerce is now an Independent Company


On Nov 02, 2015 Magento Commerce, the leading provider of open omnichannel innovation, announced that it has launched as an independent company, backed by the Permira funds. The development marks the close of the acquisition of Magento Commerce by eBay. Mark Lavelle, is now the CEO of Magento Commerce, formerly he was working as SVP. […]

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Compare Magento Go, Community and Enterprise

Choosing the right eCommerce platform as per ones business requirements is a very crucial process. After having a clear understanding of ones requirements and a brainstorming on the available options for eCommerce platform, many merchants conclude with Magento. Magento is one of the most powerful e-commerce systems available today. But even after selecting Magento, merchants […]

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X-Cart and Magento, What is the difference?

magento vs x cart

Want to make your online business highly profitable? Then you need a platform that will be able to handle thousand of products, clients and orders. Moreover, you will need a shopping cart that will provide you with various design and customization options to fulfill 100% of your client’s needs. To keep it short and clear […]

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Magento Image Management

Every experienced merchant probably realizes the significance of product image management for effective business development. It is more obvious with the example of shopping in the real store. “I don’t care how awesome your products are, if the pictures suck I’m not buying it!” There is hardly a buyer who can make a purchase without […]

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3DCart and Magento: What Is It and Why Use It?

Magento vs 3Dcart

Hosted or self-hosted? User-friendly and intuitive or highly customizable and scalable? Which shopping carts are better? These questions often comes to mind of people who has just started with eCommerce. There is no fit-for-everyone solution since each and every business has its own needs and requirements. So, you need to think carefully which specific features […]

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5 Magento Myths Dispelled

Myth about Magento

  The more popular the platform is the more it is talked about. As online merchant “spinning in eCommerce circles” you have probably heard lot’s of things about Magento shopping cart. The undeniable official facts are: the open-source php-based platform was established in 2008 by Varien the world famous eBay corporation has made investment in […]

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