What are the major features and functionalities of the B2BeCONNECT mobile app?

The major features and functionalities of the B2BeCONNECT mobile app includes:
  • Responsive Android App designed for Android tablets and smartphones.
  • A user-friendly setup takes just minutes to install and start placing orders.
  • Easy Navigation and Search options for quick product search.
  • Efficient Product Grouping by categories and sub-categories.
  • Seamless Admin Control for managing app configurations.
  • Curated Product Pages with detailed information about the products.
  • Detailed Order Section for Sales Representatives and Contact Persons.
  • Credit Limit View for users while placing orders.
  • Easy Order Placement with Shipping, Billing and Payment details.
  • Easy Access to Order List by B2B Customers.
  • Quick access to customer’s transaction history through the app.
  • Sales Friendly Features for Sales Reps to showcase products efficiently.
  • Secure Application ensuring business data privacy and safety.
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