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Make Your Store Design Responsive


2013 will keep the tendencies of 2012 and undoubtedly will become a year of responsive design. You will ask why? Google claims that 90% of Internet users browse web with different devices including mobile phones, lap tops, tablets, etc. As a result nearly 67% of all online shoppers who visit your store use various screen […]

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e-commerce website design tips

Though no generally-accepted definition of “design” exists, and the term has different connotations in different fields, but when it comes to ‘ecommerce’, design is everything. You could be the king of best selling items on the market for quite reasonable prices, but without a good designed site your sales are bound to fall immensely .  After […]

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iOS Human Interface Guidelines

One Pixel vexes a Designer big-time. A wrongly positioned button does the same thing to a normal user. Think about the dialogue screen which pops up if u hit the close button of any application.  “Save changes to the file before quitting?” or “Do you want to save the game?”  The obvious answer will be […]

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Hand Drawn Artistry

Fun Times! Design My Template isn’t about just being pro with Photoshop and ideas! Lots of amateur things are done too.  Like the ‘draw your mind out’ event held last week. It’s always fun doing the things you like to do most right? Thinking new concepts and portraying them is the most lovable thing here. […]

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Interface Design vs Interaction Design

In todays Web design world adopting a new terminology. Like me many of Web designers heard the new term interaction design, which use to refer to those doing interface design. As I came to know this term and that time I was wondering what is the basic difference between them? At least how they are […]

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