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Why sell online when having presence on Marketplace

Why sell online

[responsive][/responsive] Online marketplaces have long been the a la carte destination for sellers. Ever since the advent of marketplaces like eBay and Amazon and many more, it has empowered sellers to start their business without any hassles. However as the Internet has evolved, small businesses today are no more limited to selling through one channel […]

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Keeping Sight of Sitemaps

If I had a dollar for every question I got about sitemap validation errors, I’d be friends with Donald Trump. For those of you getting errors when submitting your computer-generated sitemap(s) to Yahoo! and Bing, first check to see if extended sitemap protocols are listed in the root element at the top of your sitemap.xml […]

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Stay Ahead of Heading tags

HTML heading tags are as much important to users than they are to the search engines.But even more important is to properly use them in your template.It stands to reason that following Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide would be common practice for commercial template providers, but unfortunately SEO has been an afterthought for many […]

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