An initiative by InSync to bridge the gap between the IT industry and the academy sector. With the growth in application of technology, various roles are coming up in the ICT industry, it is important that the academia understands the latest trends and needs of the industry. Hence an interaction with the industry is essential. Innovation-led IT companies are going to be a major force in the future growth of the IT industry, and the academia could possibly act as a catalyzing agent in this growth. This sector of industry needs resources from the academia in certain identified niche areas with niche skills, and to facilitate this, our initiative – CAMPUSeCONNECT comes in.


Our Objective

There is a strong need of a system to ensure a focused involvement of both academia and industry. Under the umbrella of CAMPUSeCONNECT, we plan to engage students in various ways with a goal to build a sustainable partnership with education institutions leading to mutual benefit by producing “industry ready” recruits. We want to create an appealing and fun learning environment for the students through our knowledge events. As a part of this initiative, we are conducting a series of IT-related events, workshops, contests, mentoring sessions, internship programs etc. which will demystify the opportunities in the IT industry for students from engineering, MBA and other backgrounds.

Internship Program

InSync provides Internship opportunities for young and brilliant engineers and business enthusiasts. This initiative by InSync Solutions motivates those aspirants to come forward who have amazing technical and coding knowledge but did not find the right platform with mentors from the Industry. InSync is here to help you and pull you out from the dark abyss of unemployment, showing you the professional world up close. Come and fill up this form right now to grab this opportunity.

Watch the video to know more about the internship experience at InSync


Past Events

Live Session: BIBS is live with Industry Leaders
Webinar for Career Objective & Job Opportunities | InSync and Brainware University Initiative
Alumni Talk | Jaipuria Institute of Management
Webinar for Interview Techniques | InSync and JIS Initiative
InSync & XISS – Industry and Academia Connect
Coding and Testing Camp at Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri
InSync Fresher’s Drive June 2017
Demystifying opportunities for Engineers in the IT Industry
Demystifying the opportunities for MBA’s in IT industry
CAMPUSeCONNECT Coding & Testing Camp
InspiriaQ – Inter School Quiz Competition


Get in Touch

To contact us for campus-recruitment drives or mentoring sessions or for any other enquiries,
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APPSeCONNECT is now a completely new entity headquartered in the US! 🇺🇸