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Another Heroic Hackathon for InSync Superheroes


The 5th annual Hackathon with a theme “Be Super” was flooded with incessant 34 hours of brainstorming, innovation, development, fun, music, games, food and excitement. The teams competing against each other comprised of 78 participants divided into 26 groups, three participants in each team monitored by their respective mentors. Here is everything you need to know about Hackathon 2018!

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Happiness in Two Wheels: PEDL and InSync


Being situated in the most booming part of Kolkata, our office belongs to one of the few places where PEDL (by Zoomcar) operates and these awesome two-wheelers have become our everyday buddy.  We are an organization which not only enjoys staying fit but also makes sure the environment around us is also fit. Here’s how Team InSync enjoys riding those neon-green bikes!

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