Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Partner with us to develop a new ERP eCommerce integration solution and we will
market it to a vast audience as a part of our platform.

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1000’s of online stores are thriving every day

but to grow above a mark, streamlining an eBusiness is a must.


Focus on your field of
expertise instead of
learning a new solution

Use your eCommerce or
ERP expertise to develop
a new adapter

We integrate it with the other
piece to develop a complete
integration solution

You just need to work on what you know and we will take care of rest.

We will market and sell it, so that your solution gets to reach out
to a broader market and gets more customer coverage.

Benefits to Partners

No marketing or
branding expense as we
would do it for you

High revenue

Available API’S of our
platform will ease your

Your development
focus remains the

No maintenance and
service effort required
from your end

Have better control on
your customer

Technical support over
online and phone

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Marketing Resources

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