SAP ECC And eCommerce Integration Overview


SAP ECC Integration

APPSeCONNECT- SAP ECC Integration, allows you to connect your ecommerce webshop or CRM application with back-office ERP system which runs on SAP ECC.

This connector enables e-businesses to process web-sales-channel’s information like customer data, orders, etc. through SAP ECC ERP system in almost real-time through a secure data exchange process. It also feeds order processing and inventory updates from SAP ECC ERP system to your ecommerce applications which in turn, sends real-time updates to your customers.

Thus, APPSeCONNECT acts as a bridge between two systems, channeling bi-directional sync and works in a fully automatic manner, saving manpower, data redundancy, human error and improves your overall productivity.

  • Forwarding Web Orders of Magento to your Shipping Carrier so that they can start processing

  • Add Web Sales Orders in your SAP ERP system so that your Financial Module can produce right reports

  • Connecting your Supply Chain with Web Inventory, so that Live Inventory Feed can be reflected to the Online Storefront and customers do not face the worst situation ‘Out Of Stock’

  • Guest and Registered Web Customer Information to your CRM system so that you can plan further marketing activity on them

  • Listing your ERP Products, Price List, Product Variants, ERP Product Catalog, Price Updates to your Online Store

  • Customer Sync: You customers are online 24 X 7. Never lose out on any new registration in Magento by synchronizing and registering customers in SAP with their General and Sales Area information to ensure an efficient Order to Cash cycle.

  • Catalog and Product Sync: Define your entire Product Catalog structure in SAP and include products one or more catalog nodes. Add long texts associated with the products in SAP. Your entire catalog and products are taken from SAP including the prices and associated rich texts. The product prices are taken by simulating the pricing procedure set up in SAP. As price determination, currency conversion etc. happen in SAP there are no rounding errors either.

  • Stock Update: Refresh your inventory from associated plant. Activating change points help in synchronizing inventory as per appropriate scheduled job in SAP whenever stock levels change.

  • Order Sync: Get your orders from Magento. Capture Magento order reference in every Sales order created in SAP. Capturing of business partners help you in managing sales delivery and invoicing in the most efficient way. Run standard SAP reports on orders. All your orders are transmitted via IDOCs¹ to ensure that you have standard SAP way of handling exceptions if any, giving you complete traceability.

  • Delivery and Invoice Sync: Delivery and Invoices are created in SAP and transferred via IDOCs¹ to Magento. Thus you get end to end Order to Invoices cycle synchronized between SAP and Magento.

Please note transfer of IDOCs doesn’t need any additional investment in middle ware, as the solution uses standard SAP port type -HTTP.


No Credit Card and Setup Fee required.

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