eCommerce Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration Quick Tour


eCommerce Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration touch points

eCommerce Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration


  • Web customer can register online. All The registration information like contact information, billing & shipping address, etc. will be synchronized to Dynamics NAV.

  • Any existing web customer details can be downloaded to the Dynamics NAV automatically in real time.

  • As per business requirement the connector can be configured to sync Guest Customer information such as contact and address information to NAV, business can plan further marketing activity to this Guest Customers based on their contact info.

  • In the other way a new Customer can be created in Dynamics NAV and can be uploaded to the eCommerce with all account details, through APPSeCONNECT. These new Customer will be treated like a normal eCommerce customer and will get the web account login details through an email.

  • All the existing Dynamics NAV Customers can be uploaded to the multiple websites of eCommerce storefront in different web customer groups with a single click.


  • Upload Dynamics items to the eCommerce web store as simple, configurable, bundled grouped products. Current Inventory Levels associated with the ERP items will be picked up at the time of Product Upload and this will be reflected in the storefront.

  • ERP Warehouses can be fully mapped with the eCommerce websites. One Warehouse to One Website, Multiple Warehouse to One Website and even Multiple Warehouse to Multiple Websites are fully possible through APPSeCONNECT.

  • Period and Volume Discounts on items can be set in Dynamics NAV and this will be reflected in the web store.

  • Any update on items like stock, price, item details, etc. in Dynamics NAV will instantly be reflected in eCommerce storefront.

  • Similarly existing simple, configurable, grouped and bundled type web products can be downloaded to Dynamics NAV in just one click.

  • If the eCommerce admin updates any product details, this will instantly be reflected in Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration with ecommerce

  • All the web sales orders placed by the web customer will instantly be converted into Dynamics NAV Sales Orders.

  • All the web sales orders placed by the guest customers will also be transformed into NAV Sales Orders.

  • In case of Online Payment, Online Payment Transaction ID will be synced back to NAV Sales Order along with Payment Mode (PayPal/Authorize.Net, etc.)

  • On the other hand new and existing (open status) Sales Orders of Dynamics NAV can be uploaded to eCommerce storefront in just a single click.

  • Once Sales Order is invoiced and shipment is completed in Dynamics NAV, web user can instantly get the updated information and Shipment Tracking number by viewing the web order status which will be changed to “Shipped” and “Complete”.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration with ecommerce

  • APPSeCONNECT provides the support for any kind of Online Payment in eCommerce platforms. It also supports multiple payment gateways.

  • Online Payment in the web will be mentioned in the incoming payment once web order is downloaded to NAV.

  • Online Payment Transaction ID and Payment Mode will be mentioned in NAV Sales Order.


  • Your Web Stores Shipping Method and Shipment Charges will be fully mapped with Dynamics NAV Shipping Method and Freight

  • Shipping Method selected by the web customer in the storefront can be seen in Dynamics NAV Sales Order after order synchronization. Similarly shipping charges calculated in the storefront is also available in NAV Sales Order as Freight in exact amount.

  • Shipment tracking number will be synchronize from NAV to Web store.

  • Shipment tracking number is available in the storefront in the order details. Thus web customer can track his/her shipments using this tracking number.


No Credit Card and Setup Fee required.

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